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Double K Portable Dryers     Terms

2000 Forced Air DryerThe 2000 produces more air volume than other similar dryers due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining (fewer ridges inside the hose to reduce air resistance). All nozzles twist on to the hoses to prevent “pop-off” that can occur with other forced indestructible and will not rust, dent or crack. It will retain its beauty much longer than metalair dryers. Included are 6 versatile attachments for any drying need, uncluding the unique “air sweep nozzle” for pushing water from the animal’s coat. Due to the polyethylene housing, the Challengair 2000 is significantly quieter than other forced air dryers with aluminum or metal housings. The dryer is also designed so the motor is acoustically isolated from the housing with “iso-dampeners” mounted between the motor and housing. The housing is virtually dryers.Two year limited warranty includes hoses and nozzles.Comes in blue or black.

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2000EV Equine Vac & Dryer/Blower  $250.95
The re-designed CHALLENGAIR 2000EV Equine Vacuum and Dryer/Blower is now quieter and has a larger bag to make grooming even easier and more convenient. Special “curry pin brush” attachment vacuums away loose hair, dirt and dust as you brush the coat. The durable CHALLENGAIR 2000EV quickly converts from equine vac to shop vac, auto vac or powerful blower to clean areas all around the stable and home. It can be used to quickly dry horses, cattle and dogs with show ring results. The new “clam shell” housing makes service much easier. Includes 8 versatile attachments. Uses heavy duty disposable vacuum bags. Two year limited warranty.


Airmax Forced Air Dryer

Two motor, two speed or variable speed professional dryer. One motor supercharges the other, or use just one for air volume and temperature versatility. Powerful motors reduce drying time as high velocity air penetrates even the thickest undercoats. “Flow-through” motor/fan systems warms air as it cools the motors for great energy savings. New noise deadening, high impact, service friendly “clamshell” housing is also very service friendly. Dual air filtration protects motors and other components. Includes convenient “twist on” hose and three versatile “twist on” nozzles, including the “Air Sweep” nozzle designed to blow water off in sheets. 6 ft. hose is crushproof and heat resistant. Dual air filtration protects motors and shop air quality. Molded silicone sound isolating motor mounts result in exceptional quietness.Two Powerful Motors: 123 cu. ft./min. per motor = 246 cu. ft./min. total. Dryer produces more air due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining, reducing resistance as air moves through the hose, thereby increasing air volume (and velocity).

The variable speed model with its solid-state variable speed control allows more versatile temperature, volume and velocity adjustments. Durable housing is virtually indestructible and will not rust, dent or crack as metal housings can. The AirMax will retain its beauty much longer than metal dryers.The Airmax® is less expensive than comparable dryers, offering you better value. Two year limited warranty which includes hoses and nozzles. Comes in blue or black.

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Challengair™ EXTREME™ Animal Dryer

The Challengair™ EXTREME™ Animal Dryer provides more effectiveness, air volume, velocity, versatility and value with less noise than any product in its category. It features two, 124 CFM, twin turbine motor/fan assemblies mounted in elastomeric noise and vibration damping enclosures. The clamshell High Impact ABS housing allows easy access to motors and components for brush changes and service, and is also impact resistant, rustproof and dent-proof. The hose locks to the dryer with a convenient and unique half-twist motion, eliminating the risk of pop-off. Hermetically isolated switches and electronics are protected from contaminants, while the dual air inlet filtration system protects the motors and other components. Includes multiple, twist-on nozzles, including the “air sweep” nozzle to remove water from animals and penetrate dense undercoats with great efficiency and versatility. 10 ft. crushproof hose. Two year limited warranty including hose and nozzles. Available in Black or Blue.

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CHALLENGAIR™ 850™ High Velocity Dryer

The Challenaire 850 is the most effective and versatile dryer on the market. It has no heating element due to the “flo-thru” motor configuration. The air is warmed by the operational heat of the motor, which saves electricity and produces heat up to 45 degrees above room temperature. The high velocity air, in concert with the “Air Sweep” nozzle will blow the water from the animals’ coat and dry them faster. This dryer offers great versatility using the assorted nozzles for the desired effect. Avalable in regular 2 speed or variable speed. “XL” model procudes 15% more air volume.

Standard Features:  1. Twist-on hoses and nozzles (included in two year warranty)  2. Powerful air volume – motors produce up to 248 cfm  3. Sound damping foam lining reduces dryer noise  4. Cross-link polyethylene dryer housing is easy to clean and virtually  indestructible  5. Easy to clean filters  6. Two year limited warranty parts and labor

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Challengair 560 Cage Dryer

This is the most advanced animal dryer on the market with its brushless motor: a”No Maintenance” motor that requires no brush changes.
It helps protect animals from the risk of hyperthermia (overheating) or hypothermia (chilling) with a thermistor located in the small well beneath the grate, which is part of a control system that measures the temperature in the cage and prevents the cage temperature from exceeding approximately 107 degrees. With this control system, the Challengair 560 greatly reduces the risk of animal discomfort or harm.
70% more airflow than any other cage dryer: with air volume of 750 cfm, it is higher than any other dryer in its category.
Quiet Operation – The quietest cage dryer on the market.
Features include a 60 minute safety timer, and two air volume and heat adjustments.